Aromatica and Frantsila Products for home use available
and also perfumes of the Finnish perfume producer Max Joacim Perttula

e.g. Heinävesi Spirit 

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Here are a few examples of the products we sell for home use.
And much more, don`t hesitate to ask!


Aroma Treatment Oils
Aroma Muscle Treatment Oils
Kramppimix (Cramp Relief Mixture)
Warms and relaxes, excellent aid for muscle craps and tensity.

Lihasmix (Muscle Mixture)
Efficient aid for muscle strain and sprains. Ideal for curing muscle and joint injuries incurred by exercise.

Kolotusgeeli (Pain Relief Gel)
To relieve various paisn and aches.

Aroma Sports Products
For you who want to enhance performance, maintain your muscle condition or to improve your muscle and body wellbeing .


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Aromatican Aidot Ruusutuotteet

Original Aromatica Rose Products

Rose Intensive Care Drops
For facial treatment and massage. Can be also be used for body treatment but should be diluted first.

Rose Cream
Especially for sensitive and couperose skin to soothen and smoothen. Rose Cream provides fragile and thin skin with new vitality and healthy glow, reduces lines and makes the skin colour lighter.

Rose Hydrolate
Facial tonic and body spray.

Rose Bath
Bath foam and shower gel.

Aromatica Foot Care Products

Tea Tree Plus
Cleans and cares.


Athlete`s Foot Spray
Destroys fungi, heals skin tissue damaged by the fungal infection. Disinfects skin sores.

Aroma Foot Bath
A warming foot bath. Softens rough spots and calluses. Prevents unpleasant foot odour.

Restless Legs
Calms down restless legs before going to sleep. Reduces cramps. Helps falling asleep.

Sesame Seed Oil
Softens rough spots and calluses. Cares cracked skin. Nourishes dry skin.

Refreshing Foot Massage Oil
Calming and refreshing. Reduces swelling. Softens dry skin.
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